Case Study #1: Room 101

Posted in Uncategorized by irenyc on October 14, 2009

In this first dry run, co-producer Bruce Raphael from New York put down 3000 rmb to cover wine and pizza and a little something for our host, Room 101, which has since been knocked down by the tasteless authorities of Beijing urban “development….” I injected 3 improv actors (2 of them with business cards bearing their characters’ names with working phone numbers and email addresses, as well as phones with sim cards used only by the actors while in character) into the event, a party for a fictional art auction house based in Munich, and brought along a 2-camera crew to cover the event. The actors blended in with the rest of the party attendees, who didn’t know who the actors were or what the story was. The next day, everyone who attended the party (who also opted in by registering with an email address and mobile phone number) received an email from the character “Elliott Marker.” The footage shot of the actors was later incorporated into a film trailer, for which the attendees also signed off on when they registered…

The walk-through starts here.

The sms that started it all...

The sms that started it all...


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